Horseback Riding

Activity Description

Horseback riding in Southern Illinois is a must-do!  Our trails go through the Shawnee National Forest showcasing the rolling hills, dramatic gorge cliffs, streams, waterfalls, caves, wildlife, and a historic settlement.  A horseback ride through the Shawnee National Forest will give you lasting memories.

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned horseback rider, the spectacular scenery will be enhanced if seen by the saddle on a fun, friendly, relaxing ride on your well-trained four-footed friend. Choose from a variety of guided horseback riding tours from one-hour, two-hour, three-hour, or our four-hour trip to a local winery.

A couple of hours is all you will need to enjoy the most breathtaking views that no one else can offer you! Nature lovers, horse lovers, young people or not so young, this trip is for everyone

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Teenage boy on horse