Eight months ago I called the resort inquiring about a small, intimate, wedding and Micah said…we can give you the perfect wedding. He meant it. My husband and I were married Sunday October 20, 2019 and we did in fact have the perfect wedding. From Karla’s first message to me introducing herself and scheduling our first appointment we were taken care of like we were the only event she had to plan. Any question or any concern we had, Karla responded to me swiftly and with as much as care as if we had known each other all of our lives. The weekend of our wedding she messaged and told me to keep calm and I was a rock star (what a smile she put on my face) however, when we arrived that Sunday morning I found out that she, in fact, was the actual rock star. My whole bridal party was overcome with emotion at the beautiful display. It was more than perfect. Karla asked if we had any concerns and at this point I had to tell her there had been a hiccup and the individual that was supposed to play our music was not going to be there and within minutes Micah stepped up without hesitation and said we will take care of you. He meant it. We knew we didnt have to worry another minute about our music. As our bridal party spent the entire day at the resort soaking up the beautiful day, the staff served us lunch and if we needed anything they provided it to us with smiles and sweet words. At 5:45 our wedding went off without a hitch, music included. We had the taco and smores bar for the reception and it was so delicious. The bartender was a delight and the drinks were incredible. He even mixed up something special for my husband and I. It was the most beautiful and perfect night. Micah, Karla, and the staff set the bar very high, I cant imagine any other resort would be comparable. At the end of the day we did make life long friends and intend on being at the resort for the other magnificent events they put on. From the the bottom of our hearts, Cary and I thank you for giving us a perfect day, it was truly magical.