3 Ways to Enjoy a Day at The Resort

When staying with us here at Egyptian Hills, you’ll have the opportunity to choose how to spend your days.  Some of you love the water and spend all your time making waves.  While some of you enjoy the surrounding Shawnee Forest and hiking trails the best place to adventure.

May we suggest you take a day and do both!  We have a great location right on the Lake, with our Marina and dock, just steps from our Cabin Chalets.

First, we would suggest taking a day to play on the Lake!  If you’ve booked our Boatel Package, which we always suggest, you will have access to one of our 10 person pontoon boats for a day!  Head on out and enjoy the lake.  Take a sack lunch with you, or some munchies, and explore your views.  Dip your body in the water and feel the sun on your face.

Second checking out the Shawnee Forest with either a simple nature walk or a next level hike through more intricate terrain.  You won’t be disappointed, whatever route you choose.  You just can’t go wrong.

The third is to enjoy the good life.  Take it slow, let your surroundings bring you serenity and joy.  Walk down to the Marina and grab a pizza, shake or gourmet salad and sit by the dock!  Grab a kayak or sit by the waters edge with a fishing pole with some good old American tunes in your ears if you’d like.  Plan a BBQ on your cabin deck for later and you’ve created a perfect way to round out a 3-day getaway.

Remember though, whatever you choose, The Resort is always here waiting for you.