Tunnel Hill Bike Trail

If you’re looking for a beautiful bike ride while vacationing here with us at The Resort,  Then Tunnel Hill is your “not to be missed” trail.

The trail runs for 45 miles from downtown Harrisburg to Karnak in southern Illinois.

It is a 45-mile state trail paved with a crushed gravel surface.  The trail is dotted with dark tunnels and extended inclines on the Northside.  If you’re up for the challenge, it won’t disappoint with its scenery of rolling agriculture fields, forested bluffs, and rough bolder hewn streams.

As you continue southward on the trail, the scenery unfolds into beautiful ponds, streams, and marshes.  It winds through strip mines, local towns, and you’ll even see a ghost town or two left as ruins from times gone by when trains regularly came through.

The trail runs from Harrisburg to Karnack here in Southern Illinois.  The Egyptian Hills Resort is located 35 minutes away from Harrisburg, and about 40 minutes from Karnack.  Not too shabby for an opportunity to spend one of your beautiful days riding high on scenery.  Swing back to The Resort and enjoy a little BBQ on the deck of your cabin while the sunsets over the lake.  We say that would be a great day well spent.

For more information, go to www.Illinois.gov